8 Insider tips for a Homebuyer

  • Get Pre-Approved.   This gives you the upper hand when negotiating offers with sellers.
  • Stay on top of the game.  Search constantly for new listing.  Homes with the best bang for their buck go the quickest.  You need to be ready to pounce!  Connect with one of our agents so they can keep you up to par with the market.
  • Get Personal.  When making an offer, ask your agent to do it person with the seller.  A personal touch will stand out and perhaps start conversation leading to more information on the home you weren’t aware of.
  • Research your market.  You and your agent need to communicate on what an acceptable value for the home you are searching for is.  Being able to search online and know right away if a property is a good deal or a horrible one will save you time and money.
  • Start with a bang!  Having a high earnest money amount will stand out with a seller.  This will show you’re ready to do business.
  • Keep it clean.  Have an offer contract that is clear and short as possible.  Getting just your necessities down with clear dates leads to an appealing looking contract for a seller.  Too many demands can seem overwhelming.
  • Don’t do it alone.  Just because a home seems perfect, the price may not be.  Choose an agent that you know has your best interest in mind and will keep you on your path to a good investment.
  • Be patient.  It could take multiple counter offers on multiple homes before you find the right home at the right price.  Let your trusted agent guide you.  Buyers often get impatient and overpay.