Sell Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything.  Large percentages of buyers decide whether they want to see the inside of your home based on your curb appeal.  If the outside appears to be in bad shape, the inside must be too, right?  Have one of our agents come inspect your home to give you an outsider’s perspective and some tips on sprucing up the property.

Here is a quick guideline in the meantime :

  • Pressure wash your home, driveway and sidewalks
  • Clean windows and gutters
  • Put up tools, lawn mowers, and toys in the yard.  Get rid of clutter items
  • Consider hiring a lawn service for a one time big cleaning and then stay on the upkeep. (kill weeds, add mulch, edge and mow, trim hedges, and add plants)
  • Cut any limbs touching the home
  • Rack up pine needles and leaves, even on wooden properties.

If the outside of your home is a little older, consider painting the outside, adding light fixtures to the porch, paint the deck, or maybe install an updated front door.  If you can afford an update, then do it.  Make your home look inviting and taken care of.

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