Lead-Based Paint

How do I know if it’s in my home?

If your home was built before 1978, it most likely has lead based paint.  If buying a home, it will be in a lead-based paint disclosure form if the seller is aware.  Always check yourself with a simple paint test kit.  There are numerous homes that contain the contaminated paint, it’s just hidden under layers of new paint.  This isn’t something that needs immediate attention, but it is good to be aware of its presence.  What DOES need immediate attention is deteriorating paint.

If your home contains Lead-Based Paint:

  • Hire a certified lead-safe contractor when doing renovations
  • Clean dust frequently (dust can hold lead particles)
  • Always check for flaking paint inside and outside of the home
  • If it’s flaking or peeling off the walls it should be removed properly, especially if on an area that gets a lot of traffic (window sills, doors, banisters, etc).
  • Often, soil around the house can be contaminated as well. Leave shoes outside and keep children from playing in the soil around the house.
  • Use doormats and wash hands frequently.

Find a government issued brochure HERE.