Plumbing Red Flags

There are numerous ways plumbing systems can be done in a home.  Some more sturdy than others.  Attend your home inspection with a reputable home inspector to learn the most about your homes undercarriage.  Before purchasing a home, here are some things to look out for in the plumbing.

  • Ask the owners about any past clogs.  There could be underlying issues the sellers don’t know about. Plumbing cameras can be done on main sewage lines for $99-$300 if the buyer would like to take extra precautions.
  • Check the water heater.  Average life spans of water heaters are about 10 years.  If something goes wrong, is it in an area that could cause serious damage?  How can it be prevented?
  • Check for water damage around toilets.
  • Turn on all faucets to check for clogs.
  • If supply pipes are galvanized, be aware that they date and need to be replaced.

Purchasing a home is a big investment.  Don’t be afraid to take precautions and know your home!