Siding 101

Pay attention to the outside of your home as well.  If you’re going to need to replace your siding, be prepared to spend anywhere from $6,000-$20,000 on a standard 2 story home depending on which kind you choose.  What may look appealing to the eye, may be hidden upkeep costs.  For example, wood siding is sturdy and gorgeous but requires diligent maintenance.  Peeling paint, melting, deformation, rotting wood, and trim work are a few things to look out for when shopping for your new home.

Stucco seems to be the new go to for siding.  Be aware that there are different kinds of stucco.  REAL stucco, and artificial stucco.  Both are great products if installed correctly.  If there is any water damage behind the stucco, it could cost you a good penny down the road. Look at how water runoff is managed on the house.  Places where rain gathers most (siding around roof ends) may need a closer look.

Ask us for a reference on a reputable home inspector to help you catch these issues and discuss with your realtor what options you have for repair requests in your contract.