How to Price Your Home

It’s all about the supply and demand!  Luckily for you as a seller, demands are currently high.  The market is so competitive right now that it’s imperative to select a good asking price right off the bat.  The longer the property is on the market, the less the seller will receive.  Do some research on your area of homes similar to yours to get a feel for the market.

Ask yourself these questions before you meet with your agent:

  • How much do I owe on the home?
  • What’s the bottom dollar I can accept?
  • What’s my ideal selling price?
  • What’s the market in my area like right now?
  • What would my home appraise at?
  • Am I willing to pay any closing costs and how would this affect my asking price?

Be cautious of the risks with an overpriced home.  If you ask more than market value/appraisal value, you will also limit showings, offers, and qualified buyers.  Lean on your agent for help.  They know the market and can easily give you a ballpark to work with.