Don’t “Shock” Your Buyers With Problems

When was the home built?  Has the wiring been updated?  These are the two things to question first.  Older homes are going to have more issues and more exposed wiring.

To Do:

  • If overhead wires are feeding power to home, trim vegetation around the poles and wires.
  • Have an electrician check the connections from the house to the pole.  Fix any shock hazards.
  • Check every outlet inside and outside with a tester.  This will alert you of any wiring issues. Also, press the “test” buttons and check for noises.
  • Permanent appliances should be plugged into outlets to avoid fire hazards, not extension cords.
  • Any wiring splices need to be contained properly and caped.  Wooden cases are not okay.
  • Close off any openings to breaker boxes to keep out unwanted pests and to contain shock hazards.