Clean off all countertops. Mail on kitchen counters, makeup on vanities, kids coloring pages, toys, cups, etc)

Wipe down countertops and surfaces.  Wipe hand rails and banisters.

Pets in the home?  Brush pet dander off of couches, make sure pets are put up for showing or relocated from the home, and make sure home doesn’t smell of pets.  Pet items will hold smell as well.  Get rid of litter boxes, pet blankets, and toys.

Make sure it smells clean.  Air out your home with open windows.  Leave out baked cookies or light a candle.

Make each room look spacious.  Simple things like rolling up a hallway rug will make a hallway look longer and open.  You don’t want small things like kitchen towels and rugs to stop an eye from what it should be looking at.

Clean all sinks and toilets.  Even if you just cleaned them yesterday, check them again.  Leave toilet lids and shower curtains closed.

Run the vacuum and sweep up.  Shake out any rugs or doormats

Make up all bedding and straighten up couches/chairs.

Clean dishes up in kitchen.  Don’t leave anything out on a drying rack or in the kitchen sink.  Place scrub brushes and sponges under sink.

Temperature of the home shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. If showing in the winter, have it warm but not HOT.  In the summer, you want it to be cool and welcoming.  This may cost you a bit more but will pay off in the long run. Sources suggest 72 degrees.

Open blinds and shades.  Natural light makes a house feel cozy.  Be sure to leave on lights around the house as well.  You don’t want buyers struggling to find switches.

Have handouts ready. Have photos of your home that make it look spacious.  Try to place them in a foyer next to a candy dish or a vase filled with flowers.

Check the yard.  Make sure the lawn is clean.  Are there toys/bikes left in the yard? Check to make sure lawn equipment has been put away and shed doors/garages have been closed.  Don’t forget to pick up any pet droppings and sweep off entryway and walkways.  If there is a pool, skim it.

Put up personal items.  Electronics, jewelry, personal documents, medications..