Asbestos Concerns

What is it?  Asbestos is an effective and inexpensive insulation material that is fire retardant.  When exposed or disturbed it can be easily inhaled causing major issues in the lungs that could possibly lead to lung disease and cancer.

Where is it?  It can be found in blown-in insulation, some tiles, forms of paint, siding material, HVAC duct insulation, and in other home construction materials.

What do I do? If it’s left alone in well made home materials, then it could never be an issue.  The saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” comes into play here.  Leave it alone if it’s in a good condition, but check on it from time to time.  If the home has had water damage, or asbestos material has been sawed, torn, or sanded down then it needs to be professionally removed.