Questions to ask any agent.

Know that your agent is representing you.  You want to choose an agent that will have your interest at top priority, give you the expertise you’ll need when selling or buying a home, and thoroughly go through paperwork with you.

How long have you been in this field?  Get their story.  Maybe this agent has only been working in real estate 3 years, but has an AMAZING mentor and has jumped into learning the market 100%.  Or maybe this agent has been a realtor for 25 years, but shows no enthusiasm or ease to communicate with.  Get to know them.

What is your List-To-Sale ratio?  Do they normally list homes and sell them for the asking price?  How confident are they in negotiating contracts for you as a buyer?  Let them know your expectations.

What are your strategies for this market?

Questions a buyer should ask:

  • How do they search for homes?
  • How will you be updated on listings in your area?
  • How do they present offers?
  • How many houses can I expect to see before I find MY house?

Questions a seller should ask:

  • How do they market their listings?  How will they market yours?
  • How will you be informed about showings on your home?
  • How many showings should I expect?
  • Do you have a guide for what I should do to sell my home?

Do you have any references I can contact?  Be sure to get specific details from references and their testimony.  Ask them about time frame, were they satisfied with price, would they refer this agent, and are they related to the agent?  Don’t forget to look at online reviews.

What makes you stand out from other agents?  You’ll want a trustworthy, easy to contact, knowledgeable, driven agent that has your best interest as a top priority.

Will you help me find professionals?  These include your Pest Inspectors, Home Inspectors, Title Companies, and others.  Find out if they’ve worked with these professionals before and how the outcomes have been.  Check out ratings on these professionals and get more references.

What do you charge? Ask for percentage breakdowns for each side of transaction and if they offer any type of guarantees.